Friday, December 28, 2012

 Christmas 2012

G and G Wall Christmas Eve

Reindeer Food courtesy of Sam

Lego Batman2 DC superheros

The helicopter... he didn't ever think he'd get.

Kelton was awesome to watch this year.  His excitement and thoughts of others was contagious.  He bought Shad a ping pong paddle and then wood burned Shad into the handle, followed by a bit of varnish.  He made me a pen and sticky holder by heating and bending plastic, cutting wood, making holes, varnishing etc.  He bought Sam a skylander giant dude.  He is such a thoughtful kid... and good student. Shad had to buy him not just the Phoenix Flight Simulator, but the Blade 450. Much deserved. Well mostly.

I hope everyone had time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas this year, especially with all the horrible events that are unfolding around us.  Take a minute and thank Heavenly Father for your family, and each other. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

October random

first quarter of junior high! GOOD JOB KELTON!!

Sam requested this picture at the dentist.

That would be "hair gel to make my hair like Kelton's"

I love this picture Sam drew.  The circle behind the "witch" is the moon.  There is a witches hat, a cat on the shoulder, and she is riding a broom.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guess who's 40!!!

This guy! So happy to have this guy.  With all the "Shad quirks and all" Love ya!


Sam had his annual Halloweeen Program for preschool.  It is chaotic, but so fun to see all the different costumes.  Kelton was "too cool" to go trick or treating with us.  I don't blame him, since going around begging for candy is all our favorite thing.  Kelton opted to go with friends and scare little kids.  Sam went up and down our road (the first few houses with cousin Gabby), then the rest all by himself with Shell, Dave, Gr. and Gr Wall watching.  Good times.


yes, donnie osmond! his granddaughter is in sam's class

Monday, October 22, 2012

a little bit of random

Kelton's first day

random dog in the back of car

i thought this was so cute babby g and sam

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy birthday Sammy!

Sam's birthday was fantastic.  We woke up early to open some gifts before school and work.  For preschool it was HeeHaws day, so we got to go see the animals and pick a pumpkin.  He chose to have breakfast sandwiches for breakfast and dinner, then a batman cake and ice cream with family that evening.

I love this kid! I don't know what we would do without him.  He makes me laugh all day long.  A couple weeks ago, we were talking about him decorating his room.  I asked what he wanted:
 "Superhero guys, mashed potatoes, breakfast burritos, and a jam sandwich"
me "mashed potatoes, breakfast burritos, and jam sandwhich?"
Sam " yeah, my favorite food" in massive sam tone.  He wants pictures "really really big" of his favorite food to hang on the walls, so "when I wake up, I can see them all the time"
We have picked out pictures of his favorite food to blow up and hang in his room. I will post the pics when done.  What a geek.
night before

do you think this cow has a cold?

In the truck on the way to get bday cake.  Those are batman arm things he wore all day

this is gross, but kelton fit into sams hulk. look at shellee in the back. haha